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4 months
Frontend - from scratch
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from 990PLN*
4 months
Backend - from scratch
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QA - from scratch

Why LearnCoding

Our Academy offers comprehensive programming training that will prepare you to enter the IT world, secure your dream job, and continue developing your professional skills.
With us, you will learn and master the latest and most in-demand technologies on the market, such as JavaScript, HTML, and more.

By joining our Academy, you will receive help and support, create and share projects that you can showcase to future employers. You will work with people passionate about technology and sharing knowledge with others.

Individual mentor support

Our mentors are experienced programmers with years of industry experience. They will help you delve into the secrets of programming and provide support when you encounter challenges. They are available to assist you throughout the day.

Job guarantee

With us, you will not only gain practical skills but also the assurance that your professional future is in good hands. Choosing a course at comes with a guarantee of employment with a collaborating company.

Internship programs

After completing the course, you will have the opportunity to intern at an IT company, gaining insights into real challenges and issues related to software development. You will collaborate with experienced colleagues, working on real projects in a software house environment.

Job search support

Upon successful course completion, we will prepare you for the challenges of job hunting. We will help you create an appropriate CV, practice job interviews, and guide you on where and how to look for jobs in the IT industry.

Choose the path right for you

Quality Assurance


4 months

from 990PLN

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For whom / who they are

Frontend developers specialize in creating attractive and responsive user interfaces for websites and applications. Their skills include programming in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as the ability to integrate the frontend with the backend to ensure smooth interaction and positive user experiences.

Why it's worth it

Knowledge of frontend technologies allows you to create attractive user interfaces for websites and applications, attracting users and making browsing the internet and using applications a real pleasure.

What you will learn

In the frontend course, you will learn programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, creating interactive user interfaces, responsive design, handling frontend tools and frameworks, and optimizing the performance of websites. You will gain the skills needed to create attractive, functional, and user-friendly web pages and applications.

*The Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR) is 0% in the case of dividing the receivables into ten equal monthly installments. The credit obligation is carried out by an external entity. The conditions for granting financing and the final decision on granting the loan are subject to an individual creditworthiness analysis by the lending institution.
What our students say about us
I have been working as a programmer for over two years, and my passion and enthusiasm remain unchanged. This field requires continuous development, making it hard to fall into monotony, as each day is a unique challenge. Flexibility, constantly evolving opportunities, and good compensation make learning programming a good choice.
Marcin Grabowiecki profile picture
Marcin Grabowiecki

Backend Developer

Taking up work as a programmer is one of the best decisions in my career. Besides the satisfaction of solving complex problems and creating innovative solutions, I see clear progress in my professional development. What makes this career choice even more satisfying is the awareness that the IT industry offers not only exciting challenges but also attractive earnings, adding motivation for further improvement.
Michał Rogalski profile picture
Michał Rogalski

Backend Developer

Completing the programming academy was the key to entering the IT industry for me. During the course, I gained skills that allowed me to find my first job as a programmer, resulting in a significant increase in my earnings, and now I can afford what I always wanted!
Daniel Ołdak profile picture
Daniel Ołdak

Backend Developer

Programming has given my life a new sense. Not only do I do what I love, but I also earn well from it.
Bartosz Guzik profile picture
Bartosz Guzik

Frontend Developer

Start with LearnCoding

What you gain from working in IT
The IT industry is one of the few that guarantees salary stability and growth. Everything depends on your skills and level of commitment. Invest in yourself now, and you will reap the return on investment throughout your life.
Sense of security
Working as a programmer, you can count on permanent employment, financial stability, plenty of job offers, and a constantly growing market. The future is digital, so there will be no shortage of work for programmers; on the contrary, it will increase!
High earnings
The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy, and programmers have been among the most sought-after workers for many years. Programming skills significantly increase your chances of a well-paid job.
Work where you want
Remote and hybrid work is the standard in the IT industry. Currently, almost 70% of Polish specialists working in the new technology sector can perform their work from anywhere on Earth, often at fairly flexible hours set with the employer.
Average IT salaries in 2022
8 167 PLN
0-2 yearsJunior
14 067 PLN
2-5 yearsMid
17 853 PLN
5+ yearsSenior

*Based on statistics for B2B contracts for 2022 by JustJoinIt

Invest in self development
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Practical skills

Our programming courses are focused on practice, meaning that theory is kept to a minimum, and course participants have the opportunity to create their projects and solve real problems.

Global opportunities

Coding skills are universal and appreciated worldwide, opening doors to a wide range of employment opportunities, both in small startups and large corporations.

Investment in the future

Many experts point to programming as a crucial skill to base one's career development on in the 21st century. You can invest in various areas and businesses, but investing in yourself and your professional development is a guaranteed and secure investment that will undoubtedly bring you the best return in the future.

Understanding technology

Our programming training will help you understand how the technologies we use every day work. This knowledge is essential in a world that increasingly relies on digital solutions.

Development of analytical thinking

Programming requires the right approach to problem-solving, precise analysis, action planning, and dealing with problems that may arise. These skills are invaluable in many areas of life, not just in the role of a programmer.

Constantly evolving field

Technology is constantly evolving, and new programming languages and tools are continually being created. Programming training will help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

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LearnCoding is an innovative educational platform offering practical IT training. Founded by practitioners with over a decade of experience and supported by a software house executing projects on multiple continents.

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